Coop Controls Technology: What You Need to Know

When installing any type of new equipment, it’s inevitable there will be questions on how the pieces work as a whole unit. The Coop Controls team has designed a highly intelligent product, and the following information address some common questions.

What is a photocell sensor?

A photocell sensor is a device that measures light intensity to determine when dusk and dawn arrive. We use the sensor in our system to trigger operation of the Coop Controls automatic opener. Our built-in photocell sensor is mounted at the bottom of the control box. For the most consistent results, install the control box with the bottom of box at least 12 inches above ground and in an area that is exposed to natural sunlight with minimal blockage. Learn the ins and outs of our photocell sensor in the Help section of our website —


What do you mean by Intelligent Control?

Every Coop Controls opener kit includes built-in logic and actions to help make it the most convenient coop door opening/closing system available on the market today. This means that in addition to the photocell sensor on the control box, Coop Controls has incorporated additional intelligence into the systems to allow more control over your coop door opener. For example, a delay of up to 60 minutes can be added to the opening and/or closing times in order to provide adjustments and to compensate for the photosensor location and exposure to sunlight. Learn what other intelligent additions Coop Controls has in the Help section of our website –


My coop is more than 10 feet from an AC power supply, but I don’t have the ability to use the solar panel option — is there a way to still use a Coop Controls kit?

You can extend the distance from your coop to the transformer plugged into an AC outlet by replacing the included low-voltage wire with our AXLV Low Voltage wire. Our website offers 100-, 500-, and 1000-foot wire options in the Shop section —


You say Coop Controls is “fail safe” — what does this mean?

Coop Controls was designed with the protection of your chicken flock top of mind. If a chicken doesn’t make it into the coop at sunset, our pushbutton option allows you to manually open the door to let the straggler in. However, in order to ensure that your chickens aren’t left helpless after dark, the coop door will remain open for only 2 minutes before automatically shutting your chickens in for a safe night’s sleep. On the other hand, you may want to keep your flock in the coop during a particular day due to safety or weather conditions. You can easily do this by closing the door with the pushbutton and have peace of mind that the door will remain closed until the following day. Learn more about our doorbell-style pushbutton in the Help section of our website —

What happens if you don’t have enough light for the photocell? 

Since the sensor-install location can be in different places with varying exposure to sunlight, the Coop Controls control board has settings and adjustments to help optimize the performance. However, if you’re still concerned about the lack of light around your coop, please contact our Coop Controls team directly so that we can assist you with various options and suggestions on solving this issue.  You can reach us at