Coop Controls’ Top 10 Picks From Global Pet Expo

This week, Coop Controls enjoyed its first appearance at the Global Pet Expo in Orlando, FL, where we were proud to debut our all-new automatic chicken coop door opener kit — making it easier than ever for anyone to own backyard chickens. Along with our own product, we’re excited to share these 10 items, some of which are especially chicken-friendly. In no particular order:

1. Happy Hen Treats®

Coop Controls learned to listen to its customers — Ghost Controls customers helped develop the vision for our product — and so did Happy Hen Treats. One 7-year-old girl in San Antonio, TX, who wanted to give treats to her favorite chicken began a revolution for edible chicken goodies. Today, the company offers a variety of products for your feathered ladies, from a multitude of treats to leg bands, coop cups, hand wipes, and more.

2. Hilton Herbs®

Since starting with herbal supplements for arthritic horses in 1989, Hilton Herbs has grown to produce supplements for a wide range of animals. For your egg-laying family members, they offer a variety of high-quality vitamins for poultry health, including specialization in immune, digestion, and respiration support. They also offer Daily Hen Health multivitamins to support general health, including parasite resistance, egg quality, feather and skin health, efficient circulation, nervous system health, and more.

3. Coolaid Animal Cooling and Recovery®

This “2015 Best Innovation” winner and chemical-free cooling fabric is perfect for outdoor animals in hot climates, like Florida. Unlike harmful topical creams, Coolaid is100% machine-washable fabric that easily secures to your pet and keeps it comfortable in the most scorching weather.

4. E-Collar Technologies Inc.®

We certainly understand the need to be gentle when training your pets for specific behaviors (like teaching chickens to go inside at a certain time after Coop Controls is installed), and that’s why we like E-Collars. This dog training system uses a wireless remote and receiver that differ from traditional shock collars by “mimicking the loving touch of their mother” rather than a harsh and terrifying jolt of electricity.

5. Grubbly Farms® Chicken Treats

The perfect companion to Coop Controls automatic doors for keeping chickens happy and safe is a healthy, nutritious daily snack. These protein packed morsels promote feather health, appearance, and protectiveness; energy; and egg output and shell strength. These U.S.-madetreats are farm-grown and oven-dried and meet USDA regulations.

6. Bag Balm®

We at Coop Controls are always partial to companies that, like us, have a management team with a long history of industry experience. Not only does Bag Balm have that, but they also have a wonderful ultra healing product. Bag Balm’s packaging has been optimized for simple application and is perfect for addressing your pet’s general dryness or irritation (especially dry or cracked paws and noses or flea bites among more traditional domestic pets).

7. Endura Flap Pet Doors®

Just as a Coop Controls kit gives chicken owners a newfound independence,pet doors let a dog or cat remain mobile and add free time to their owner’s schedule. However, these doors can also prove troublesome by letting in cold or hot air, dust, and more. Endura puts this concern to rest with environmentally friendly magnetized doors that keep the home insulated and save on electric bills — while still giving a pet the freedom it deserves.

8. Brilliant Pad

Coop Controls was created out of the desire for convenient chicken keeping, whether in a rural area or urban residence. Brilliant Pad was invented out of that same need, as it is the first self-cleaning dog potty for puppies in training or small dogs that use pads. Apartment dwellers and tireless professionals no longer have to come home to a smelly, messy pad.

9. Hurtta Safety Products

Hurtta specializes in high-quality equipment for outdoor canines. Here at Coop Controls, we take the safety of our customers’ chickens very seriously and appreciate companies that do the same for the pets they cater to. Hurtta makes our Top 10 list for its safety products line, which includes an assortment of life vests, LED lights, and neon vests and harnesses for maximum visibility, mobility, and safety.

10. Innovation Pet. Chicken Products

Innovation Pet offers one of the most extensive and creative lineups of products for the clucky ladies in your life. Their vast inventory includes a host of roomy and unique chicken coops, pens, and even playsets with available instructions and videos that make assembly a breeze. They also have products to help the coop clean and fresh with products to eliminate odor and don’t forget to complete your perfect coop with a Coop Controls automatic door!