CKBT Beta Tester Guidelines

Thank you for agreeing to be part of the beta test group for the new Coop Controls CKBT Automatic Coop Door Opener Kit.

Coop Controls CKBT Beta Test units were provided to you free of charge in return for the following:

  • Install the product within 7 days of receipt
  • Provide weekly updates on your experience for the first 12 weeks of ownership
  • Biannual review of product for the first two years of ownership
  • Submit an installation picture of the CKBT Kit installed
  • Submit a quick video of your coop door opening and closing
  • Not post any public comments, reviews, or feedback without express written consent from Ghost Controls. This includes all physical and online venues. websites, forums, and physical locations.
  • Agree to return the product if
    • Not applicable for your coop door
    • Not able to be installed within a reasonable period of time

Please see the links below to provide feedback