Serving the Community With Coop Controls®

Coop Controls® is the sister company to Ghost Controls®located in Tallahassee, Florida. Coop Controls® automatic coop door openers are designed with Ghost Controls® remote gate opener technology to make the entire user experience convenient and reliable, and we want the community to know! In a recent demonstration for students at a local middle school, Coop Controls® representatives showed how easy the process of installing Coop Controls® is. 

For the school's agricultural program, they own a coop with many chickens, as well as two turkeys. The coop is a a moderate size and holds many of the school's farm birds at night, but recently several chickens have been lost due to predatory animals such as opossums and coyotes. They needed a way to make sure that their chickens were accounted for and in their enclosure passed dusk every day without a person being present, so we helped them remedy their issue.

Coop Controls® provided the school with a new coop door reinforced with the CKBT Automatic Coop Door Opener kit along with an AXDP 10-Watt Solar Panel, which was installed alongside the door. We prefaced the installation by explaining the automatic door opener's mechanisms, what makes it open and close, and how it will improve the coop. The students were all eager to learn, and were already proficient at handling and feeding the chickens as well!

before imagechickens by coop door

The coop had only a regular door for entry and a few lower spots for chickens to jump into for egg-laying, so an additional spot for the chickens to enter was needed. The door provided by Coop Controls® had a pre installed automatic door opener already mounted. All Coop Controls® kits typically come with only our patented door openers and select accessories; wooden doors themselves are not included with purchase.

By marking off the dimensions that needed to be cut from the coop's exterior in order to fit a new coop door, the middle schoolers learned how to measure properly before beginning any cutting or drilling. 

making room for the door's opening

Next, the students helped to cut enough wood away to make a clear pathway into the inside of the coop when the door is used. Proper safety precautions were taken as several middle schoolers took turns using a hand saw to cut the wood, teaching them the right way to safely use constructions tools.

students helping to level the door

Our representative was helped by eager students in making sure the new coop door was level and secured for mounting, along with mounting the unit's control box to the upper wall. Once the wiring was explained, the connections were established and the door was successfully tested to see if it was working properly. A 10-watt solar panel was additionally installed to keep the door opener powered with a renewable energy source. This solar operator will produce electricity for the system with clean energy so that the solar powered coop door can function full time.

picture of finished and working door

By teaching students about sustainable energy and how new technologies can save time in farming environments, they learned the importance of innovation in the agricultural field and how companies like Coop Controls® are paving the way for new ideas to take root. Not only can they be sure that their chickens will be more secure at night, but they learned new skills that they will be able to build upon. 

finished door closed

With the Coop Controls® guarantee of simplicity and dependability, installing an automatic door opener on your coop is so easy, even a middle schooler can do it! The Coop Controls® and Ghost Controls® family is committed to uplifting the community with our innovative ideas and quality products.